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thinkorswim Camarilla Pivots 02/08/09

An implementation of the Camarilla pivots.

  1. Eric Purdy
    I had a reader request an implementation of the Camarilla pivots. Rather than re-invent the wheel, I grabbed ToS’ new Person’s Pivots script, jammed in the Camarilla formulas, cut out some extra plumbing, and voilà. By default the pivot, H1, H2, L1, and L2 levels are hidden. My quick research of these pivots suggested the H3/H4, L3/L4 levels are where the heavy lifting is done. (There is a bug in ThinkScript that makes the dot size a bit large for my taste but until ToS fixes it we’re stuck.) camarilla.png

Recent Reviews

  1. Justin Derbini
    Justin Derbini
    Version: 02/08/09
    Very nice build! Any way we can get this converted to a study alert for when price touches H3/H4 & L3/L4? Thanks again for sharing this.
  2. Pandu04
    Version: 02/08/09
    Thank You for Sharing!