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thinkorswim DeMark Pressure Ratio 08/13/09

The DeMark Pressure Ratio indicator seeks to quantify accumulation/distribution.

  1. Eric Purdy
    I’ve had several requests to code various indicators designed by Tom DeMark and here is one such study. The DeMark Pressure Ratio indicator seeks to quantify accumulation/distribution through a combination of volume and price action. The short entry is indicated by the oscillator exiting from above the overbought line at 75 with the long entry indicated by a rise above the 25 oversold line. Also pictured is the soon to be released ThinkScripter Volumetric Trendline study which automatically plots in real-time a volumetric trendline for the user selected period. Pictured on this chart of the /ES are 20, 55, 110, and 250 period volumetric trendlines. TDPressureRatio.png