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thinkorswim Finite Volume Element 08/25/09

Markos Katsanos’ Finite Volume Element (FVE).

  1. Eric Purdy
    Markos Katsanos’ Finite Volume Element (FVE) indicator was first described in “Detecting Breakouts” in the April 2003 issue “Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities.” The FVE is a money flow indicator but with several key differences from Chakin’s Money Flow or On Balance Volume. Unlike these money flow indicators which add or subtract all volume even if the security barely closed higher than the previous close, FVE uses a volatility threshold to take into account minimal price changes.

    Divergences between price and the indicator can provide leading signals whereas the slope of the indicator shows if the bulls or bears are in control. Values above zero are bullish and indicate accumulation while values below zero indicate distribution. FVE crossing the zero line indicates that the short to intermediate balance of power is changing.

    Also pictured are the ThinkScripter Volumetric Trendlines and Volume Profile (still under development). FVE.png