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thinkorswim Kaufman Efficiency Ratio 03/16/09

Sometimes called the Price Headley Efficiency Ratio made popular by his Big Trends web site/book.

  1. Eric Purdy
    Reader RobH sent this one to me last night in need of a little ThinkScripter TLC. A few tweaks under the hood and she’s back on the road firing on all cylinders. Rob referred to it as the Price Headley Efficiency Ratio made popular by his Big Trends web site and book. In actuality it is the Kaufman Efficiency Ratio as described in his book Smarter Trading[​IMG]. From his book “The ratio divides the net price movement by the total price movement (the sum of each of the individual moves taken as a positive number). It can also be considered a ratio of the price direction to its volatility. The more efficient, the faster the trend.”

    My Multi-Stops study in the picture is configured with a Chandelier Stop with a 20 period look-back and a volatility coefficient of 2.5. The strategy being backtested used moving average as a filter on the Multi-Stop signals taking only long entries in this example and using the Multi-Stop short signal as an exit. For the five day period there were 6 trades, 4 winners, 2 losers, max drawdown $200, total profit on one ES contract $4012. kaufmaner.png

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