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thinkorswim Market Thrust 09/12/12

Plot of (Advancing Issues X Advancing Volume) – (Declining Issues x Declining Volume).

  1. Eric Purdy
    The internal strength of the market can be gauged using many internal measures including Up Volume, Down Volume, Advancing, and Declining Issues. The Market Thrust indicator combines these four values to produce a single plot that gauges these internals. It is simply a plot of (Advancing Issues X Advancing Volume) – (Declining Issues x Declining Volume). On strong trend days the indicator will generally trend one direction all day. The indicator is also particularly adept at showing divergences between price and internals. Added to the upper left corner of the indicator is the Up Volume – Down Volume as an additional reference. Note the second image below of this week’s market. The slow grind up on Wednesday afternoon was accompanied by ever worsening internals. The rest, they say, is history. MarketThrust.png