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thinkorswim Put/Call Volume and Ratio 02/02/15

Plots the put and call volume or ratio for three option expirations worth of data.

  1. Eric Purdy
    The lack of a built-in Put/Call Ratio indicator in thinkorswim has always been a curious omission to me. After all, this is the premiere options trading platform is it not? While we swimmers wait for the powers that be to commission such an indicator I have crafted something to work in the interim. The Put/Call Volume and Ratio indicator will collect options volume data for three user supplied expirations. This data can be plotted as either the put/call ratio or as just the raw volume itself. Three expirations worth of data seemed to be about the limit before the study started to make the TOS app cranky…A true put/call ratio includes the whole spectrum of expirations and strikes so what we have here is only an approximation. I’ve found that selecting monthly expirations will provide the most data but at the expense of all the activity going on in the weeklies. Something to note, once an options expiration has passed, the option volume data is no longer available on the TOS servers so any historical evaluation can’t presently be done with this indicator. I wish I could provide you all with a complete option chain put/call ratio but that simply isn’t in the cards at present. This one will have to fall into the category of “something is better than nothing.” PCR.png PCV.png