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thinkorswim Stochastic Momentum Index with Divergence Signals 02/01/10

Stochastic Momentum Index showing divergences with arrows.

  1. Eric Purdy
    I’ve taken the TOS Stochastic Momentum Index, a fast oscillator adept at showing divergences, and added a little twist. Each time the indicator makes a top or bottom and a regular divergence (trend reversal) is detected, an arrow is added indicating the direction of the divergence. The red arrows indicate negative divergence and green positive. Hidden divergences (continuation signals) are plotted in white. Also pictured is a custom variation of the Volume Profile allowing expanded fidelity by stacking numerous copies of the indicator. A keen eye will also reveal my incarnation of a support and resistance indicator based on sine wave cycles which is under development. SMIDIV.png

Recent Reviews

  1. Kevin C Kettring
    Kevin C Kettring
    Version: 02/01/10
    Probably the best indicator on the planet..Good Work!