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thinkorswim Video Screencast #6

Creating custom watch list columns based on the Squeeze.

  1. Eric Purdy
    Part Two of Using the “Squeeze” in thinkorswim. In this screencast, I will discuss harnessing the built in TTM Squeeze momentum oscillator for studies and alerts as well as detailed instructions for creating custom watch list columns based on the...
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Recent Reviews

  1. jwilliams138
    I'm new to coding scripts and this definitely helps to understand the syntax. This is amazing! Thank you Eric.
  2. Pandu04
    This is Awesome!
  3. Kevin C Kettring
    Kevin C Kettring
    Forget about watch list for mobile. Cancel the request for adding watch list for my droid. I think I can figure out. If I get stuck, I will post again, or schedule coaching.